Cross Country to be included at 2018 Youth Olympics
Friday, 15 September 2017 12:06

Cross Country to be included at 2018 Youth Olympics

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As mentioned by Inside the Games, Cross Country will be contested at the Youth Olympic Games next year in Buenos Aires. Other than the classical Olympic event of the marathon running off the track hasn't featured in an Olympic setting since Paris 1924. The legendary Flying Finn, Paavo Nurmi, won the most recent Olympic Cross Country race on a hot summer day in the French Capital.


This is good news for running in general and hopefully could lead to a reintroduction to the main Olympic program. I would agree with what some has said would be the better idea, Cross Country being part of the Winter Olympics, rather than the summer Olympics. All of the best running talent in the world won't want to forgo track events or the marathon in favor of Cross Country during the summer Games. But Winter Olympic years are lean years for global running. There's no Olympics or World Championships and World Cross Country is now only in odd years. The closest thing to a global championship for running during Winter Olympic years is the Commonwealth Games or European Championships, but those events cover much less than half of countries in the world.

The Olympic Charter states that Winter Olympic Games events must be "practised on snow or ice". Cross Country can be run on virtually any surface, including snow and ice. Any runner from the Northeast, Midwest or Rockies has surely run at least a few races on a blanket of snow. Just put your 1/2 or 3/4 inch spikes in and go be tough for 5k, 6k, 8k, 10k or however far the race is.

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