Should male and female cross country races be the same distance?
Wednesday, 10 January 2018 15:22

Should male and female cross country races be the same distance?

Written by Fast Running-Robbie Britton
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Fast Running has an interesting article about a petition in the UK to make the senior men's and women's races at the English Cross Country Championships the same distances. The author, Robbie Britton, points out that the IAAF and Scotland now run 10k for both the men's and women's senior races and the response has been very positive amongst Scottish women's XC racers. Some of the men didn't like that their race was shortened from 12k to 10k, but the negative response has been minimal. It will be interesting to see what becomes of this petition in the UK and how other countries change their race distances over time. The World Cross Country Championship is now contested over the same distance for men and women, when will the USATF and/or NCAA Championships follow suit, if they ever do? Read Fast Running's article to get some more insight...

Historically male cross country races have always been longer than their female counterparts, but is it time this now changed?


Just why are women being kept from enjoying as much mud and hills as their male counterparts and what message does this send out to the younger generation?

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