Thorlos Introduces New Experia® ProLite Running Sock to Give Runners Their Fastest Feet Ever
Tuesday, 10 April 2018 08:41

Thorlos Introduces New Experia® ProLite Running Sock to Give Runners Their Fastest Feet Ever

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Experia® ProLite is up to 30% lighter than leading ultra-light running socks, while reducing blister-causing friction by a factor of 10X through the use of bio-engineered NanoGLIDE®

True Innovation: When Less Becomes More

Proving two heads are better than one, THORLOpartnered in a new strategic alliance with Next Fiber Technology to marry the best each has to offer. THORLO brought its form-fitting, ultra-light sock frame and was able to further minimize the ball and heel cushioning to a little more than a tenth of a centimeter by using a nano-technology fiber called NanoGLIDE® provided by Next Fiber Technology that is the ultimate friction fighter. The result is a cushion platform for the foot that virtually eliminates the chance of chafing, hot spots and blisters along with moisture build-up in a sock that is also 30% lighter than other leading ultra-light running socks having 10X less friction.

Ultra Thin and Lite…But Heavy on Complexity

The padding under the ball and heel is the thinnest padding the Thorlos brand has ever constructed for a runner’s foot protection. This padding will fundamentally change how long distance runners protect their feet to improve their running times. There are eight unique sections of the Experia ProLite sock frame all of which use a different yarn weave and fabric density to optimize the synergy of the integrated design for the performance requirements of distance runners focused on achieving new goals.

Outsmarting the “Blister Sequence”

The sock design is all about enhancing the role of the sock as the miles accumulate and the runner’s sweat glands go into hyper-drive to keep the foot cool. It’s in the late stages of a race where most socks will “wet-out” as this natural process occurs. At this point the sock becomes so saturated that it no longer effectively moves the moisture away from the skin fast enough. Whereas during the first part of the race the mechanical properties of the sock were the runners best friend now the sock becomes the runners foe accelerate chaffing, hot spot development and blisters. In response runners unconsciously adjust their gait to an invariably less efficient motion, creating energy depleting stress on other muscles. Result: a slower time, the inability to reach a goal or in the extreme, cause the runner to exit the race. Experia ProLite puts and ends to that sequence.

Superior “Bio-Environment” (aka sock shoe interface) for Runners Feet

By using NanoGLIDE® fiber, THORLO created an ultra-thin, ultra-lite product for the most high performance bio-environment a runner’s foot has ever experienced. Perhaps the most novel aspect is the performance edge over other technical socks, becomes more significant with each successive mile. Distance runners like Experia® ProLite after a few miles for its superior comfort; they love Experia® ProLite after mile 26 for how impacts run time.

Debuted in New Marketing Platform

Introduction of Experia® ProLite began with a pre-release entry on Kickstarter (March 14th) the site that’s known for showcasing the newest thinking across many categories. It' gave Experia a venue to introduce a completely new ruining experience to Millennials looking for new and better ways to experience the world and activities they love. It’s been a terrific way to infuse the energy of a one-day-old startup back into a 70 year Company. Being guided by start-up agency Enventysis Partners thru the Kickstarter process has provided an energizing jolt!

About THORLO   

THORLO is a North Carolina based sock manufacturer. The company’s core product technology is engineered padding placed in the friction and impact zones of every sock it makes. This, in combination with other design features, protects the foot like no other resulting in a significantly more comfortable user experience for all that try a pair of Thorlos and Experia branded products. Beginning in 2017, THORLO began a complete transformation beginning with utilizing state of the art knitting capabilities to capitalize on new lifestyle and performance verticals (including IoT) in the growing and evolving sock category.  We invite you to learn more at www.thorlo.comand join our change.

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