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WACO, TX – (Marketwire – Oct, 2, 2013)– Spenco Medical Corporation announced today the launch of Team Spenco, their new Brand Ambassador program consisting of dedicated athletes who utilize Spenco insoles, footwear and medical products to pursue their passion. Spenco’s innovative footbeds feature a biomechanically accurate shape that provides foot alignment, motion control and cushioning to assist our Ambassadors in their training, racing and recovery.

Jeff Antonioli, Spenco’s VP of Sales and Marketing, said, “We are very excited about the creation of Team Spenco. These devoted athletes each have an inspirational story that helps define our brand vision.  They realize the importance of proper foot care when training and competing at a very high level. Our TOTAL SUPPORT® and Polysorb® insoles will help these athletes log mile after mile while keeping them healthy and protected, while our footwear, built on the same orthotic base as our insoles, will enable them to recover faster after hard workouts”

The official Spenco Brand Ambassador Roster:

Melissa Mast: Marathoner, trail runner, finished 21 marathons

Melina Glusac: Former professional distance runner and 3-time national champion

Jeff Landauer: Ultra-marathoner, triathlete, 2006 Ultraman World Champion

Jeniffer Paneta: Road racer and ultra-marathoner

Keith Levasseur: Marathoner, ultra-marathoner, ran 2:46 marathon in flip flops

Erin McManus: Triathlete and Ironman finisher

Chris Wickard: Triathlete and 2013 Sprint National Masters Champion

Spenco TOTAL SUPPORT® insoles are good for athletes who are seeking motion control and alignment, and they come in three styles: TOTAL SUPPORT® Max, TOTAL SUPPORT® Originaland TOTAL SUPPORT®Thin, offering advanced support for the heel and arch, increased shock absorption and optimal motion control for all athletes, in all sports. The retail price of Spenco TOTAL SUPPORT® insoles is $36.99.

Spenco Polysorb®insoles are ideal for athletes who desire optimal cushioning. Spenco Polysorb® insoles come in a variety of styles to satisfy every athlete’s need. They cradle your feet with targeted cushioning to improve athletic performance, while prolonging the life of your shoes. The retail price of Spenco Polysorb® insoles ranges from $19.99 to $24.99.

Spenco Medical Corporation
Dr. Wayman Spence, a renowned footcare specialist, founded Spenco in 1967. For more than 45 years, Spenco has focused on innovative product development and superior service to differentiate itself in the outdoor, sports, footcare and medical markets. For more information on Spenco® Products, please visit www.spenco.com or call 1-800-877-3626.

Anyone interested in becoming a Spenco Brand Ambassador can send your story to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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