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Tuesday, 13 February 2018 13:07

A Decade In Kenya Turned Two Teens From New Zealand Into World-Class Runners

Written by Deadspin- Sarah Barker
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Great article from Sarah Barker of Deadspin on the Robertson twins who almost immediately upon graduating from high school packed their bags and moved to Kenya to go all in on being great distance runners. Some fascinating insight into the mind of someone who never looked back and put his whole life into the sport. While even Jake Roberston attests that you don't need to move to Kenya to be a great runner, the amount of dedication required to be a world class half marathoner is extreme. Enjoy this piece, one of the best articles on running you'll have read this year...


The plan had seemed so simple when it was hatched in their mom’s basement. But as the plane was landing in Nairobi, the scabby ground growing closer, 18-year-old Zane leaned over to his twin brother and said, “Jake, what are we going to do?”

Zane meant immediately, when the two pale New Zealanders with their hiking packs emerged, blinking, into the streets of Nairobi, but he may have also needed a reminder of the big picture. What was the plan again?

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